Ana Khouri

The New-York based jewelry designer, Ana Khouri, known for her commitment to environmental, social and ethical issues, points to the boundless energy and defiance of within as her inspiration behind the four-piece capsule collection. She adds “My work represents that vital pursuit. It’s my belief that by focusing inward I can translate that spirit into powerfully expressive pieces of jewelry. Each piece is an articulation of that simple idea. They are all one with the essence of my being.”

Delfina Delettrez

Fascinated by the future and experimentation, Delfina Delettrez, another ingenious designer behind the x DSM collection, took her inspiration from the classism of the stone, elevated by a punk touch to convey a dialogue between the past and the future. The transfusion of the eras is symbolized by the piercing that is drilled through the diamond.


Incorporating refined industrial gold and platinum scraps from the “urban mines” of Japan from and transforming them into stunning jewelry is the ethical commitment of HUM, the Tokyo-based jewelry brand. This commitment to sustainability is what drew them to Diamond Foundry. Tomohiro Sadakiyo adds about the collection “the diamonds do not come from mine but are lab-grown diamonds from Diamond Foundry. The platinum and gold are pure and refined, created from industrial waste and the designs are classical in style, but the techniques used are not European. The techniques are derived from Japanese swordsmith skills. The pieces are created entirely by hand, by one craftsman in the HUM atelier.”


Michele Lamy and her collaborative partner Loree Rodkin embellished a truly intricate creation with Diamond foundry’s “morally pure” diamonds. Michele shares “We wanted to find a way to bring the diamonds into an existing HUNROD piece…The size of the diamonds available in a way dictated where we went…The snake ring provided the right balance to present our aesthetic married with the DF diamonds.”

Raphaele Canot

Recognized for her feminine and timeless fine jewelry, the Parisian London-based designer Raphaele Canot saw Diamond Foundry created diamonds as her inspiration behind the collection. She adds “I saw the Diamond Foundry and Dover Street Market collaboration as an amazing opportunity to work from a blank page. Taking a step further away from my years at Cartier and De Beers and from my eponymous collection of “Set free” diamonds, I realized these newly manufactured stones were opening a new chapter in the big history of diamonds: done with the myths and legends of historical diamonds, done with the romance. A new reality was emerging with state-of-the-art technology.”

Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie Bille Brahe also saw this collaboration as an opportunity to work with bigger stones in a more playful way. She shares “These two styles are inspired by my classic Elipse earring which is sculptural and balanced between two points. For these specific styles, they achieve a great balance with the big sustainable diamonds and the thin white gold thread.”

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