Make It Personal This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to both honor and challenge tradition. It’s a day to celebrate our mothers or spouses who are mothers, as well as other mother figures in our lives. The best Mother’s Day gift is one that reflects the values, love, and beauty that your mom or mother figure has brought to your life. VRAI fine jewelry designs are the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry gift to say just that. No two mothers are the same, so our collection of VRAI Mother’s Day jewelry features different designs that are as versatile and unique as the person receiving them.

Make it personal this Mother’s Day by choosing a meaningful and timeless jewelry gift featuring VRAI created diamonds that truly represents their style and individuality.

In honor of mothers everywhere, we sat down with two VRAI Ambassadors to talk about how their mothers shaped them and their personal style today.

Maha Gorton

A mother and advocate for women’s health and wellness, Maha Gorton was also a speaker at the Middle East Inclusion and Diversity Council.

What’s one thing that you have learned as a mother that has shaped you as an individual?

“I have learned so much about myself and learn so much from my children every day. I love to see the world through their eyes; listen to their views and opinions; watch them discover and grow, finding their own path. Perhaps the greatest thing I have learned as a mother is acceptance - to accept that not everything always goes to plan and to accept that that’s okay. In doing that, one remembers that tomorrow is a new day.”

Describe your personal style (especially when it comes to jewelry!

“Elegant, classic, timeless.”

What are some of your favorite VRAI fine jewelry pieces?

“I love the Infinity Linked Tennis Necklace and the Solitaire Studs - these are pieces that every woman needs to have in her jewelry box. The three-stone Orion Necklace to me represents my children - three beautiful people, each individual and unique in their own ways.”

Ana Vera Rubio

Young mother, designer, and founder of VERA BLONDE, a leather goods brand from Spain.

What’s one thing that you have learned as a mother that has shaped you as an individual?

“The most incredible thing about my mother is that she is always there for me. Since I was a little girl she always took outstanding care of my brothers and I – and she still does it today with her nephews! Just one is so hard! The honesty, the education, the generosity towards others, the grit… (these) are all qualities that my mother taught me and for which I am most grateful for.”

Describe your personal style (especially when it comes to jewelry!)

“She (mom) is very feminine and classic, although she likes to pick up some trends. I get lost in her jewelry box! For sure I inherited her passion for jewelry.”

What are some of your favorite VRAI fine jewelry pieces?

“The Solitaire Necklace, the Unity Ring, or the Semi-Bezel Earrings.”

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Make It Personal With VRAI Mother’s Day Jewelry

Celebrate mothers, mother figures, and role models with personalized gifts featuring VRAI created diamonds that reflect their individuality. Choose the design details that express your appreciation for Mom this Mother’s Day and every day.

If you’d like to design a customized Mother’s Day jewelry gift, book an appointment with a VRAI Diamond Expert. They can help you create an engraved Mother’s Day Solitaire Bar Necklace so she can hold your love close to her heart.

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Explore all Mother’s Day jewelry gifts online to find the perfect gift to honor Mom. Whether you’re looking for Mother's Day rings, Mother's Day necklaces, or another type of fine jewelry, there’s a VRAI design available just for Mom. This year, give Mom a gift that she can cherish for a lifetime – just like your love for her.