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The Right Way to Ring Size

VRAI | May 13, 2021

VRAI | May 13, 2021

You’ve found your perfect ring, either by choosing one of our online selections on your own or through a virtual appointment with one of our diamond experts. The VRAI created diamond you’ve chosen is the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight that you’ve always wanted, the setting is impeccable, and you’ve customized your look by choosing your preferred metal color and band. Have you ever wanted to wear a piece of jewelry so badly? Don’t delay your pleasure any longer than you have to. Read on to discover the right way to ring size so that your engagement ring fits perfectly from the start.

For those in the know

Many of our customers choose their engagement ring alongside their partner. This decision usually stems from knowing that they will soon get engaged and not wanting to leave such an important purchase to chance. The proposal day, venue, and way of asking are still going to be a surprise, but the ring is something they want to find together.

If this is the case, all you need is one of our complimentary ring sizers. You may order one through our website with free US and UK shipping. Once it arrives, consider it to be a belt for your finger. Secure the end through the "buckle" to form a ring shape, then slip your/the wearer’s intended finger (usually the left ring finger) through the loop, and pull the end through. Be sure to use the finger on the hand you intend to wear the ring - your ring finger on your left hand might be slightly different in size than that of your right hand! The loop should be tight, but not uncomfortably so (remember that, throughout the day, especially in hot weather, fingers swell, so find a fit that is already easy to slip on and off). You should be able to slip it back over your knuckle. When it feels snug, look to the little black arrow to determine the ring size.

Surprise, surprise

Although many choose engagement rings together, or the person being proposed to pre-selects their ring and drops a hint (a feature for all of our engagement rings online), a large number of our customers prefer to make the proposal a complete surprise. We love being a part of this process - and enjoy seeing the photos and proposal stories after all is said and done! If the ring at the proposal does not fit perfectly, we are here to help and have it resized as part of our Lifetime Care package that accompanies your purchase. But if we can help the proposee get it right from the start, even better.

Our first bit of advice for a surprise ring is to always talk to friends and family. Chances are your beloved’s best friend or sibling has an idea of the size needed. Another solid way of being sure is to look at the wearer’s current jewelry. When looking through their rings, always make sure that the ring you use for measuring is one they wear on the intended finger. If you know that your future fiancé is a regular VRAI customer, you can also reach out to one of our experts who will look up a receipt for a past ring purchase. If none of these options are available to you, our experts can give you gentle guidance - and a guarantee that the ring will be resized should the fit not be perfect.

Now that you know the right way to ring size, it’s time to say yes to your future engagement ring. Order a complimentary ring sizer to ensure that your engagement ring, wedding band, and fine jewelry are all a perfect fit!


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